Item #32223 Safavid (Persian Dynasty) Tahmasp II (AH 1135-1145) silver Abbasi, Mashhad 1140AH, Album 2689, KM 303 (type A)

World Coins -       Item #32223 Safavid (Persian Dynasty) Tahmasp II (AH 1135-1145) silver Abbasi, Mashhad 1140AH, Album 2689, KM 303 (type A)
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Ruler’s name & His Reign: Tahmasp II (AD 1722-1732)

Mint: Mashhad, 1140AH (AD1727) 
Metal & Denomination: Silver 4-Shahi or Abbasi (type A)
Size: 25 x 23 mm. 
Weight: 5.40 gr.

Obverse: The legendthe usual Shi’a formula.

Reverse: The legend reads in Farsi: beh Giti sekkeh Sahebqerani/ zad az toufigh haqq, Tahmasp thani. Meaning “In the universe, minted the official coin/with the grace of God, Tahmasp II. With mint and date are appearing below. .

Reference: Album #2689 (typeB) & KM #303 (type A)

Notes:   This is a nice XF example on a large flan for this king.


BRIEF HISTORY: The Safavids were descended from Sheykh Safi ad Din (1253 - 1334) of Ardabil, head of the Sufi order of Safaviyeh, but about 1399 exchanged their Sunnite affiliation for Shi'ism. The Safavids were established Shi'ite Islam as a state religion of Iran, which became a major factor in the emergence of unified national consciousness' among the various ethnic and linguistic elements of the country.

The founder of dynasty Ismail I, as a head of Sufis of Ardabil won enough support from the local Turkmens and other disaffected heterodox tribes to enable him to capture Tabriz from Ak Koyunlu, an Uzbek confederation, and in July 1501 Ismail was enthroned as shah of Azerbaijan. By May of the next year he was shah of Iran.

Iran weakened appreciable during the reign of Ismail's eldest son shah Tahmasp I (1524-76), and persistent and unopposed Turkmen forays into the country increased under his incompetent successors. In 1588 Abbas I was brought to the throne. Realizing the limits of his military strength, Abbas made peace with the Ottomans on unfavorable terms in 1590 and directed his onslaughts against the Uzbeks.

After the death of Shah Abbas I (1629) the Safavids dynasty lasted for about a century, but except for interlude during the reign of Shah Abbas II (1642-66) it was a period of decline.


Safavid Kings:


Ismail I

1501 – 1524

Tahmasp I

1524 – 1576

Ismail II

1576 - 1578


1578 – 1588

Abbas I, The Great

1588 – 1629

Safi I

1629 - 1642

Abbas II

1642 - 1666

Safi II (Sulayman I)

1666 - 1694

Sultan Hussein

1694 - 1722

Tahmasp II

1722 - 1732

Abbas III

1732 – 1736

Isma’il III

1750 - 1756

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