SASANIAN: Khusru II (590-627) Silver drachm, Ecbatana?, year 27

Ancient Coins - SASANIAN: Khusru II (590-627) Silver drachm, Ecbatana?, year 27
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Obverse Bearded bust of king right, wearing winged crown, Pahlavi legend at left and right, all within double ruled circular border broken by crown, decorative crescent-and-stars at the three cardinal points
Reverse Fire altar with facing attendants, year 27 at left, mintmark AH? at right, all within triple border with crescent-and-stars at the four cardinal points
Date year 27, c. 617 CE
Weight 4.02 gm.
Diameter 30-31 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference MAC 1178 var
Comments This coin came to me identified as from mint Abrashahr, which would mean the mint signature reads AB. However, it looks like AH to me, and the style of the coin is also much finer than the typical Abrashahr coins. I therefore feel it belongs to mint AH, Ahmatana (Ecbatana).
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