INDIA, VIJAYANAGAR: Devaraya I or II Gold half pagoda, Siva-Parvati type, Siva with damaru. RARE + SUPERB!

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Obverse Siva and Parvati seated facing, Siva holding damaru (drum) in right hand
Reverse Devanagari legend: Sri Pra / ta pa De va / ra ya
Date 1406-22 or 1426-66
Weight 1.71 gm.
Diameter 10 mm.
Die axis 11 o'clock
Reference MNI ---, MSI --- (unlisted type)
Comments Mitchiner does not list a Devaraya half pagoda at all. In this coin, we clearly see one of Siva's key attributes, the damaru , or drum, and the reverse legend is also very clear. A SUPERB specimen of a RARE coin!
价格 品种: 635.11
US$ 245.00
  • € 234.37
  • £ 200.88
  • AUD 360.37
  • CHF 231.26
  • CAD 329.48

利率: 12/02/22

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