INDIA, NAWABS of SURAT, Silver rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, Surat, RY 8 (unlisted date). RARE and CHOICE!

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Obverse Legend, naming Shah Alam, including AH date 118x (probably 1181) and 4-dot privy mark of Surat
Reverse Legend, including mint name Surat, and regnal year 8
Date RY 8 ( = 1767-68 CE)
Weight 11.49 gm.
Diameter 22-23 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference KM 724 (unlisted date)
Comments KM lists only year 44 for this issue, and that is already a scarce coin. This coin, with the unlisted date RY 8 is presumably very rare, possibly unique.

It is possible that this coin is still an official Mughal issue, coming as it does from the early years of Shah Alam's reign. Alamgir II and Shah Jahan III had issued coins from Surat, and it is not entirely clear at what point the issues from this mint cease to be official Mughal issues.
价格 品种: MH14.12
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利率: 04/01/23

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