INDIA, AWADH: Nasir-ud-Din Haidar AR rupee, Lucknow, AH 1248, Year 5, CHOICE!

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Obverse Legend, naming Nasir-ud-Din, AH date 1248
Reverse Legend, along with Awadh coat of arms (katar holding up a crown, flanked by lions holding flags, two curved fish below), RY 5 within the fish, mint Dar-al-Sultanat Lucknow Suba Awadh
Date AH 1248 (= 1833-34 CE)
Weight 11.18 gm.
Diameter 23 mm.
Die axis 5 o'clock
Reference KM 205.1
From the collection of Alan DeShazo, the noted numismatist and author of several papers on Islamic coins.
价格 品种: 676.89
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利率: 06/10/23

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