INDIA, AWADH: Muhammad Ali Shah AR rupee, Lucknow, AH 1258, Year 5, SCARCE & CHOICE!

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Obverse Legend, naming Muhammad Ali Shah, AH date 1258
Reverse Legend, along with modified Awadh coat of arms (two male attendants above a single curved fish, holding up a crown), RY 5 in right field, Mint Baitu-s-Sultanate Lucknow, Mulk Awadh
Date AH 1258 (= 1843-44 CE)
Weight 11.19 gm.
Diameter 25 mm.
Die axis 7 o'clock
Reference KM 316.2
This type features a further modification of the new coat of arms in which the female attendants are replaced by male ones wearing brimmed hats. Also, the mint epithet is changed from Suba (Province) Awadh to Mulk (Country) Awadh, a further assertion of independence from the Mughal emperor. SCARCE type in CHOICE condition!
From the collection of Alan DeShazo, the noted numismatist and author of several papers on Islamic coins.
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