INDIA, ALUPAS of UDUPI: Pandya Dhanamjaya Gold pagoda or gadyana. RARE+CHOICE!

World Coins - INDIA, ALUPAS of UDUPI: "Pandya Dhanamjaya" Gold pagoda or gadyana. RARE+CHOICE!
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Obverse Two stylized fishes standing vertically under an umbrella, conch left and lamp right, goad below
Reverse Three line Nagari legend: Sri Pa / ndya Dhanam / jaya
Date c. 1333-1348
Weight 3.02 gm.
Diameter 14 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference MNI ---, MSI ---, Prabhu and Pai 53
Comments Mitchiner does not list a coin with the goad below. Prabhu and Pai attribute this type to the period of Chikkayi Tayi (1333-1348). A CHOICE specimen of a RARE coin!
价格 品种: 230.7
US$ 395.00
  • € 331.33
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  • AUD 536.13
  • CHF 358.70
  • CAD 513.46

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