BHUTAN: Period III (c. 1840-1900) base Deb rupee, without added dot. CHOICE!

Ancient Coins - BHUTAN: "Period III" (c. 1840-1900) base "Deb" rupee, without added dot. CHOICE!
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Obverse Three-line pro-forma legend: Sri Sri (Ha?) / rendra Na / rayana, letter Sa below the letter ndra, no dot above it
Reverse Degenerate legend
Date c. 1840-1900
Weight 2.71 gm.
Diameter 18-20 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference MNI 2429, KM 7 var
Comments The Bhutan coinage of this period was based on prototypes from Cooch-Behar, whose currency used to circulate in Bhutan just prior to this time. The Bhutan issues can be recognized by the extra letter sa that is added to the obverse legend.
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