BACTRIA, Demetrios I (Demetrius) AR obol. CHOICE!

Ancient Coins - BACTRIA, Demetrios I (Demetrius) AR obol. CHOICE!
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Obverse Draped and diademed bust of king right, wearing elephant-scalp head-dress, pearled border around
Reverse Nude Herakles standing facing, holding club and lion skin in left hand and crowning himself with his right hand Greek legend: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY, PK monogram in lower left field
Date c. 200-185 BCE
Weight 0.64 gm.
Diameter 12 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference MIG 105e, Bop 3B, SNG ANS 193-198
Comments From my personal collection and listed on the CoinIndia website.
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