Constantius II 337-361 A.D. Siliqua Lugdunum Mint Near VF Ex Harptree Hoard, found in 1887.

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AR Siliqua 2.20g. 17mm. Lugdunum Mint

Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r.


VOTIS / XXX / MVLTIS / XXXX in laurel wreath; In ex.: LVG

RIC VIII 216; RSC V 342-3a

Deeply toned.

Some areas of faint porosity.

A rare opportunity to own a coin discovered and documented over 130 years ago. Ex Harptree Hoard, found in 1887.

The Harptree Hoard was discovered in the village of East Harptree, England located South/Southwest of Bristol and Bath. The hoard was discovered in a pewter container which held 1496 coins, five silver ingots and a silver Roman ring with an intaglio gemstone depicting the god Mars. The landowner, William Kettlewell, made the coins available to the British Museum for study and the hoard was published by John Evans in his article, 'On a Hoard of Roman Coins Found at East Harptree, Near Bristol' in The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society, Volume 8, 1888.

After being returned to the family, a portion of the hoard along with the original container were given to a local church for display. These were eventually stolen. The bulk of the hoard (some 1200 pieces) were passed down through the family until consigned to Spink for sale in 2016.

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