Sicily, Akragas Bronze coin

Ancient Coins - Sicily, Akragas Bronze coin
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Sicily, Akragas
Size: 21mm  Weight:  10.20 grams
Obverse:  Crab with crayfish, left, below and six pellets around
Reverse:  Eagle, with wings spread, left, holding tunny-fish in talons and throwing back head

Akragas was founded in 581 BC by people from Gela, Rhodes, Crete and other islands. Since the mid of the 7C BC, however, the site was frequented by Geloan traders. The name of the city was after the river Akragas. The crab (fresh water crab of the species Telphusa fluvialitis), which is used on coins of the city, is generally believed to be a symbol of the river god Akragas.
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