Vetranio, AD 350. AE Centenionalis.

Ancient Coins - Vetranio, AD 350. AE Centenionalis.
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Denomination : AE Centenionalis.  Mint : Siscia, 4th officina

Size : 23.3 x 25.7 mm.  Weight : 5.19 grams.

Reference : Sear-4042.  RIC 283.

Grade : over all good Fine but the portrait is VF, but the surfaces are rough. Dark brown patina.

Obverse : Head of Vetranio right, with DN VETRANIO P F AVG around, with a A behind the head.

Reverse : Vetranio standing left, holding a labarum, being crowned with a wreath by Victory who is standing to his right, with HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS around with the mint mark (dot) DSIS (star) below, with an A (slightly open at the top like an H) in the left field.

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