Vetranio, AD 350. AE Centenionalis.

Ancient Coins - Vetranio, AD 350.   AE Centenionalis.
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Denomination : AE Centenionalis.  MintDSIS (Siscia, 4th officina)

Size : 21.8 x 22.2 mm. Weight : 5.07 grams.
Reference : Sear-4041

Grade :  gF/VF, mid to dark brown patination

Obverse : Head of Vetranio right, with DN VETRANIO P F P P AVG around, with a letter H (probably and A open at the top) behind and a small star by his chin.

Reverse : Vetranio standing forward with head left, holding two military standards with Chi-rho's on them, with CONCORDIA MILITUM around and the mint mark DSIS below, with a letter A (slightly open at the top) in the left field.

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