Valerian II, AD 253 to 255. Billon Antoninianus

Ancient Coins - Valerian II, AD 253 to 255. Billon Antoninianus
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Valenian II was the eldest son of Gallienus.

Denomination : Billon Antoninianus. Mint : Antioch.

Date : AD 255 to 257

Size : 22.2 x 22.6 mm. Weight : 3.73 grams.
Reference : RIC V, part 1, #54 (page 122).

Grade :  gVF but un-even silvering.  The lower part of the obverse is more toned and appears to be more coppery than the upper part of the obverse..

Obverse : Radiate head of Valerian II right, with P LIC COR VALERIANVS CAES around.

Reverse :  Victory holding a palm branch while standing right, presenting a wreath to Valerian (standing left and holding a transverse spear), with VICTORIA PART around.

Ric lists this type are rare.  It is not listed in Sear.   Considering a few years after  this coin was struck Valerian II's grandfather was taken prisoner by the Parthians, this victory over Parthia reference is somewhat ironic.

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