Valens. AD 364 to 378. Silver siliqua

Ancient Coins - Valens.  AD 364 to 378.  Silver siliqua
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Denomination : Silver siliqua. Mint : Trier, 2nd officina

Size : 13.9 x 14.4 mm. Weight : 1.32 grams.
Reference : Sear-4113

Grade :  VF but the planchet was clipped in ancient times.

Obverse : Head of Valens right, with DN VALENS P F AVG around (due to the clipping, parts of some letters are off the flan).

Reverse : Roma seated left, holding a sceptre and a small figure of Victory set on a globe, with VRBS ROMA around, and the mint marks TRPS below.

There is a theory that siliqua were offically clipped in Britian to bring them down to the weight of later offical coins.  I believe this theory may have some validity.

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