Vabalathus, AD 271-272. Bronze Antoninianus

Ancient Coins - Vabalathus, AD 271-272. Bronze Antoninianus
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Denomination : Bronze Antoninianus.  Mint : Antioch, 6th officina. 

Reference : Sear-11718.

Size : 19.0 x 21.5 mm.  Weight : 3.47 grams.

Grade : gXF with slight silvering remaining, otherwise very dark brown to black (probably toned silvering).  Trace of porosity in minor areas.  Nicer in the hand than the image suggests.

Obverse : Radiate bust of Aurelian right, with IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG around (there are some weak letters in the third quarter of the inscription) with the officina mark S below (the Greek letter "dogma" for the 6th officina). 

Reverse : Laureate bust of Vabalathus right, with VABALATHVS V C R IM D R around.

Most references list the portrait of Vabalathus as the obverse, but we believe that to be incorrect. As the senior Augustus, Aurelian's portrait  should be on the obverse.  Also, the crown Aurelian wears is the denomination indicator, which is always on the obverse of an antoninianus.  On the other hand, the officina mark, which is normally seen on the reverse, is below Aurelian's bust. 

It is possible this type was designed to have no clear obverse or reverse.

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