Trajan, AD 98 to 117. Silver drachm of Lycia.

Ancient Coins - Trajan, AD 98 to 117. Silver drachm of Lycia.
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Lycia was a region on the south coast of Turkey.  In 168 BC the Lycian league was formed with 23 city states in the region, and while the league was disbanded under Claudius in the mid 1st century BC, they continued to issue some joint coins as late as the reign of Trajan.

Denomination : Silver drachm.

Mint : Minted as a joint coinage for the cities in Lycia, and I am not certain if the exact mint city is known, although Patara was the capital of the Lycian league, so that might be the mint city.

Date : AD 98 to 99.

Size : 16.9 x 19.9 mm.  Weight : 3.00 grams.

Reference : BMC-9,  SNG VON AULOCK 4268

Grade : aF/VG.

Obverse : Head of Trajan right, with AUT KAIC NER TRAIANOC CEB GERM around.

Reverse : Two lyres, with an owl above, and DHM EX UPAT B around (parts of the inscription are too worn to read). 

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