Trajan, AD 98 to 117. Silver drachm from Bostra

Ancient Coins - Trajan, AD 98 to 117. Silver drachm from Bostra
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Bostra was a city in Arabia Petraea.   This type was formerly attributed to Cappadocia, but that is no longer accepted.

Denomination : Silver drachm.

Mint : Bostra in Arabia.

Date : AD 112 to 117 (Cos VI).

Size : 17.5 x 18.8 mm.  Weight : 3.21 grams.

Reference : Sydenham-185 as Cappadocia.  A. Kindler, The Coinage of Bostra (1983) S. 101 Nr.9.

Grade : VF/F, but discolored and very slightly rough.  Several flan flaws.  Historically interesting, but not pretty.

Obverse : Head of Trajan right, with AUTOKR KAIC NER TRAIANW ARICTW CEB GERM DAK around.

Reverse : Arabia standing left, holding a bundle of reeds, with a camel at her feet (the camel is difficult to make out), with DHMARC EX UPATO V around (the V is the Greek letter "dogma" meaning 6).

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