Thracian arrowhead money. Probably from Apollonia.

Ancient Coins - Thracian arrowhead money. Probably from Apollonia.
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Date :  4th to 5th century BC (the dating of these is not 100% certain).

Denomination : Bronze arrow head money  (the exact denomination is not known).

Size : 43.8 mm long.  Weight : 4.03 grams.

Grade : VF

These are found in a variety of forms, including leaf shaped examples like this one that are fairly far removed from a true arrow head form, but they also come shaped much more like true arrow heads, and in some cases are obviously arrowheads that were rough cast and then never finished.   There are a few very rare examples that are inscribed with a letter A which is probably short for Apollonia, which is why I attribute them to that city (this example is not inscribed).

They are closely related to the bronze dolphin money from Oblia.

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