Thrace, Istros. Silver stater. ca. 400 to 350 BC.

Ancient Coins - Thrace, Istros. Silver stater. ca. 400 to 350 BC.
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Denomination : Silver stater.

Reference : Sear Greek - 1669 variety.

Size : 16.5 x 17.0 mm. Weight : 6.54 grams.

Grade : VF, but on a slightly small but thick heavy flan.

Obverse : Two male heads, side by side with one inverted.

Reverse : Sea-eagle standing left on the back of dolphin, with ISTRIH above and a small below.

This coin is struck on a rather strange flan.  It is not only thick and heavy, but has a very distinctive ridge all around the edge, and a very large clear sprew removal point where the sprew was simply broken off after the flan was cast before it was struck.   I see no reason to believe it is not genuine, just that the flan is a little odd.

The weights of these Istros staters are very irratic, and I have owned specimens from about 4.6 to 6.6 grams.  An irratic weight standard is often a sign of a local tribal coinage, and it is very possible many of these were not actually struck at Istros.

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