Tarsos. Mazaios silver stater. 361-334 BC.

Ancient Coins - Tarsos. Mazaios silver stater. 361-334 BC.
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Tarsus in cilicia.  Satap Mazaios, 361-334 BC.

Denomination : Silver stater.

Size : 23.0 x 24.0 mm   Weight : 10.86 grams.

Reference : Sear-5650, SNG Levante 106

Grade : gXF (as struck).

Obverse : Baal of Tarsos enthroned left, holding a sceptre, eagle and a corn ear with a clustre of grapes, with an inscription to the right that translates to BAAL TARZ.  Baal's feed are just off the edge at the bottom.

Reverse : Lion attacking a bull, with an inscription translating to MAZDAI above, with a small Greek letter monogram below.

After Cilicia was conquored by Alexander the Great, Mazaios became Alexander's governor of Babylonia.

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