South Arabia. Kings of Qataban. ca. 250 BC. Silver unit. VERY RARE.

Ancient Coins - South Arabia.  Kings of Qataban.  ca. 250 BC.  Silver unit.  VERY RARE.
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The Kingdom of Qataban was located Baihan valley of Yeman.

Denomination : The intended denomination is not know, so these are just referred to as silver units. 

: Munro-Hay plate 1, 27, type 1.9i, where record only 6 known specimens, 3 of which are in museums (we believe the number should be higher than that, but this is still a very rare type).

Size : 15.1 x 16.6 mm.  Weight : 5.37 grams.

Grade : VF/gVF with minor scrap marks.

Provenance : ex. Darcy Phelan collection.

Valuation :   Another specimen of the same type, with with a more poorly struck obverse was sold on May 14, 2008 on CNG mail bid sale for $1100 + 15% buyers premium = $1265.00.   That specimen has very weakly struck face on the obverse, while our specimen here has a fairly clear face other than the chin being off the flan (which is also off on the CNG specimen), so we feel ours is a slightly nicer specimen and priced accordingly.   

Obverse : Male head right, probably representing the Qataban god Amm.  

Reverse : Owl standing right with head forward, with monograms flanking, and an N (possibly a denomination indicator) in the upper left (only part of the N is on the flan).   My image makes the owls face look rather indistinct, but it is much clearer when you have the coin in front of you.

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