Smyrna in Ionia. ca. 2nd to 1st century BC. AE 21.

Ancient Coins - Smyrna in Ionia. ca. 2nd to 1st century BC. AE 21.
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Denomination : AE 21.
Reference : Sear Greek - 4571 to 4573 variety
Size : 19.5 x 20.7 mm.  Weight : 7.63 grams.
Grade : gVF, with a very dark nearly black patina.
Obverse : Head of Apollo right.

Reverse : Seated figure of Homer, holding a scroll, with SMURNAIWN (the leading Sigma is off the edge) the right and most of a magistrates name to the left.  What is visible of the magistrates name is OTIMOS but there has to be one or two letters presceeding that but off the flan (it might be an E). 

Smyrna was one a several cities that claimed to be the birth place of Homer, which is why he is seen on some of their coins.  The scroll is placed in in Homer's hand to indicate his  is a literary figure (which is why we identify him as Homer on this coin).  The real Homer was blind and recited from memory,  and thus would probably not have actually made use of scrolls.

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