Septimius Severus, AD 193 to 211, Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Septimius Severus, AD 193 to 211, Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver denarius.  Mint : Rome.

Date : AD 194

Reference : Sear-6326 variety (TR P III rather than II).

Size : 17.0 x 20.0 mm.  Weight : 2.99 grams.

Grade : gVF/VF

Obverse : Head of Severus right, with L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP IIII around (part of the inscription is off the flan).

Reverse : Palladium standing left, with P M TR P III COS II P P around.

The Palladium is a stature of Minerva holding a shield and transverse spear, with had a mythical origin in Troy at the time of the Torjan wars, was eventually moved to Rome where it stood in the temple of Vesta during the later Republican and early Empire period. It may have eventually ended up in Constantinople under Constantine I.

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