Septimius Severus / Julia Domna muled Bronze Limes counterfeit of a denarius.

Ancient Coins - Septimius Severus / Julia Domna muled Bronze Limes counterfeit of a denarius.
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"Limes" is in reference to what the Romans called the Limes region, which was the northern frontier of the Empire, extending from Germany across to the Balkans.  It was a region in which counterfeiting was a major problem for the Romans.

The term "limes counterfeit" is used to describe ancient but counterfeit cast or struck in a copper (bronze) alloy copies of what should be silver denarii. When freshly minted they were probably treated with arsenic to turn them a white color, however the white look is seldom if every preserveed, and today they just look like patinated bronze.

No one is sure exactly when they were made, but I believe it was probably much later than the offical denarii they copy, possibly enough later than offical denarii were no longer commonly circulating and even the antoninianii were not longer struck in good silver (after about AD 260). Only at that time, would they have had any real chance of being passed off as genuine, as they would have stuck out very clearly as false to anyone who was used to handling offical silver coins on a daily basis.

Denomination : Bronze denarius.  Mint : Non-official counterfeiters mint.

Date : Probably minted after the mid-3rd century AD, but copying types offically minted in about AD 200.

Reference : The obverse is a standard Septimius Severus obverse, but the reverse copies a denarius of Julia Domna (RSC - 215 and 216). 

Size : 18.3 x 20.2 mm. Weight : 2.94 grams.

Grade : gVF for a limes denarius.

Obverse : Head of Severus right, with SEVERVS PIVS AVG around (PIVS is weakly cast).

Reverse : Venus standing left, holding an apple, spear and resting on a shield, with VENVS VICTRIX around.

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