Sassanian. Khusru II, AD 591-628. Silver drachm.

Ancient Coins - Sassanian. Khusru II, AD 591-628. Silver drachm.
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Denomination : Silver Drachm.  Mint : Jay

Date : Year 3 (AD 593).

Size : 29.0 x 31.5 mm.  Weight : 4.14 grams.

Grade : VF

Obverse : Head of Khusru II right with a Sassanid inscription naming him around.

Reverse : Fire altar flanked by two attendants with the mint mark to the right and the date mark to the left in Sassanid script.

This is a fairly nice example of one of Khusru's early issues.  During the first few years of his reign the style of all of his coins was slightly crude, and then sometime around year 12 (slightly different dates at different mints) the coins were re-designed with a dramatically superior style.

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