Sassanian. Ardeshir I, AD 226 to 240. Billon tetradrachm.

Ancient Coins - Sassanian. Ardeshir I, AD 226 to 240. Billon tetradrachm.
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Mitchiner dates Ardeshir's reign as AD 226 to 240, and Sellwood to AD 224 to 242.  The difference in the starting date appears to be that Sellwood starts it when Ardeshir defeated the Parthian King Artabanus V in AD 224, but Mitchiner dates the reign from AD 226 when Ardeshir was actually Coronated as King.  I am not sure why they have different ending dates.

Denomination : Billon tetradrachm.

Mint & Date : This issue does not have mint or dates marks.

Size : 25.2 x 26.2 mm.  Weight : 13.56 grams.

Reference : Mitchiner Ancient #784 to 786

Grade : gVF toned with some earthy deposits.  Over all fairly nice for one of these.

Obverse : Head of Ardeshir I right, with with his typical headress and long beard, and a Sassanid inscription around that translates roughly to "OF THE WORSHIPPER OF MAZDA, THE DIVINE ARDESHIR, KING OF KINGS OF IRAN"

Reverse : Fire altar with two attendants, with Sassanid inscriptions to the upper left and right which transliterate roughly to NURA ZI ARTaHShaTR (meaning FIRE OF ARDESHIR).

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