Samaria. ca. 375 to 333 BC. Silver obol. Rare type.

Ancient Coins - Samaria. ca. 375 to 333 BC. Silver obol.   Rare type.
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Denomination : AR. obol 
Date : Qedar dates this series to between 375 and 333 BC.
Reference : Meshorer & Qedar 100.
Size : 8.4 x 9.3  mm.  Weight : 0.48 grams.   This is a small coin.
Grade : gVF/XF, but slightly off-centre on both sides.  Dark gray patina which appears to be an original hoard patina.  

Value : This type does not appear to be in coin archives, and so I would assume it be to fairly rare (all Samaria obols are at least scarce).   Other far more common types (as many as 5 examples in coin archives) with related types, sell in the $300 to $450 range, so I have prices this apparently much rarer type (none in coin archives) slightly higher. 
Obverse : Persian King seated on throne with tow aramaic letters to the right that are probably equivalent to SN.
Reverse : Diety (?) with a man's head that lookes very much like a Persian king, four wings and a birds tail, standing right, with two Aramaic letters representing MZ to the left.

Provenance : ex Darcy Phalen collection.

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