Samaria. ca. 375 to 333 BC. Silver obol.

Ancient Coins - Samaria. ca. 375 to 333 BC. Silver obol.
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Denomination : AR. obol 
Date : Qedar dates this series to between 375 and 333 BC.
Reference : Meshorer & Qedar 80.
Size : 8.7 x 9.0  mm.  Weight : 0.67 grams.   This is a small coin.
Grade : VF for general appearance but technically nearly as stuck.  There are only two other examples of this type in coin archives, and both have the same typically crude die work and poor strike, so that seems to be normal for this issue. 

Value : The only one of these that I have found a price realized for, was on the sold on the May 23, 2007 CNG mail bid sale #75, lot #493 where it sold for $450.00 + the buyers premium for a total somewhere around $520.00 US.  It has an inferior obverse but a slightly better reverse in that it has the full ethnic but this specimen only has part of the ethnic on the flan.  Thus I have priced this somewhat lower than the CNG specimen.
Obverse : Female head, possibly Arethusa, facing.
Reverse : Bearded male head wearing a crested Athenian helmet, with an Aramaic inscription reading "SMRYN" to the left.

Provenance : ex Darcy Phalen collection.

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