Samaria. ca. 375 to 333 BC. Silver obol.

Ancient Coins - Samaria.  ca. 375 to 333 BC.  Silver obol.
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Denomination : AR. obol 
Date : Qedar dates this series to between 375 and 333 BC.
Reference : Meshorer & Qedar 157.
Size : 8.0 x 9.5  mm. Weight : 0.49 grams.   This is a small coin.
Grade : VF with slightly grainy metal.
Obverse : Meshorer and Qedar refers to this as the forpart of a horned animal, but in my opinion it is more likely a bird with a plume curling back along it's head, possibly a peacock.
Reverse : Crowned head of Bes, flaned by wings with a winged solar disk above.

I am not sure why Qedar puts the head of Bes on the obverse, and the animal head on the reverse, as on this specimen it is very clear that they are the other way around.

Provenance : ex Darcy Phalen collection.
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