Sabina, wife of Hadrian. Bronze sestertius

Ancient Coins - Sabina, wife of Hadrian. Bronze sestertius
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Sabina, wife of Hadrian.  AD 117-136.

Denomination : Bronze sestertius. Mint : Rome.  Date : issue of AD 136

Reference : Sear-3993 variety (different hair style)

Size : 32.8 x 34.0 mm  Weight : 28.55 grams.

Grade :  gF but weak inscriptions.

Obverse : Head of Sabina right, with her hair coiled and piled on top of her head, with SABINA AVGVSTA HADRIANI AVG P P around (the first and last few letters are not struck up).

Reverse : Concordia standing left holding a patera and cornucopiae, with CONCORDIA AVG around, and S C in the fields (most of the revese inscription is not struck up).

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