Russia. Ivan III. AD 1462 to 1505. Silver Kopek.

Ancient Coins - Russia. Ivan III. AD 1462 to 1505.  Silver Kopek.
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Denomination : Silver Denga.  Mint : Moscow.

Reference : Spassky-68

Size : 9.6 x 12.6 mm. Weight : 0.39 grams.

This is a fairly small coin.

Grade : VF for wear but the usual weakness in the strike.

Obverse : Ivan on horseback, brandishing a sword, with a Cyrillic inscription around.

Reverse : Flower with a inscription around.  I don't have a copy of Spassky to check what he says about this type, but the inscription around the flower does not appear to be in Cyrillic script, and in fact appears to be Arabic script.

Ivan III is much scarces than Ivan IV on wire money.

These small coins are commonly known as wire money as they were struck on flans cut from lengths of wire.  All have shear marks at the ends, resulting from how the wire was cut up.  The flans are generally smaller than the dies, so only very rarely will very well centered specimens with everything on the flan be encountered (never for some issues).

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