Royal Persian Coinage. ca. 450 to 330 BC

Ancient Coins - Royal Persian Coinage. ca. 450 to 330 BC
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Denomination : Silver siglos.

Reference : Sear Greek - 4683

Size : 14.3 x 16.9 mm.  Weight : 5.19 grams (see note at bottom).

Grade : F with multimple bankers stamps and a test cut which when applied to the reverse caused part of the obverse to be obliterated. Small horn silver deposits on the reverse.

Obverse : Persian king running right holding a bow in front and holding a dagger behind.

Reverse : Incuse rectangular punch.

It is rather unusal to see a true test cut on a Persian siglos of this period, but this particular specimen is only 5.19 grams when these are consistently in the 5.5 gram range.  It is likely the low weight caused suspicion that this coin was a fouree, and it was cut to find out.

The coin appears to have continued to circulate long after it was test cut (the edges of the test cut, and the obliterated surfaces on the other side have wear on them) so apparently the low weight was not enough for it to be rejected, once they determined it was solid silver.

While technically poor quality because of the part of the obverse obliterated while test cutting, it is a rather unusual and interesting example.

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