Roman Republic. Anonymous Semis, ca. 135 to 125 BC

Ancient Coins - Roman Republic. Anonymous Semis, ca. 135 to 125 BC
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Roman Republic. Anonymous.

Denomination : Bronze Semis.

Date : This type was issued anonymously but at an 8 gram weight standard, placing the date in the 135 to 125 BC range.

Size : 21.4 x 22.6 mm. Weight : 8.71 grams.

Reference : Sear-887

Grade : Fine but cleaned to bare metal. There is some porosity including a couple of large pits, but they appear to be part of the original casting and not the result of corrosion (such casting pits are normal on these).   The image makes this coin look slightly pinkish, but this specimen has a dull brassy appearance.

Obverse : Head of Saturn right, with the denomination mark S behind.

Reverse : Prow of a gallery with a S to the right, with ROMA below.

These are struck on cast flans, and have clear sprew removal points, casting seams, and casting porosity. On other ancient coins these would considered signs of forgery, but they are normal features on this particular series.

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