Roman Republic. Aes Rude. ca. 300 to 400 BC. 6.01 grams.

Ancient Coins - Roman Republic. Aes Rude. ca. 300 to 400 BC.  6.01 grams.
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Aes Rude were an early currency form, used in Rome and the surrounding region, probably in the 4th century BC.  There are lumps of bronze, which are irratic size and weight, which would have to have been weighed at each transaction.

However, they are more than just simple lumps of bronze.  They were made by casting large rectangular bars of bronze, with relatively flat surfaces, which were then broken up into these smaller lumps.  As a result, all large, and most smaller Aes Rude, which have at least one fairly flat side on them, that is part of the original surface of the bar, and any specimen over about 5 grams that does not exhibit such a flat side, is probably not an Aes Rude.   On this particular specimen, there two flat sides directly opposite each other, and very distincly broken sides around, which is consistent with a small Aes Rude.

Date : 4th century BC.

Weight : 6.01 grams.

Size : roughly rectangular, 18.0 mm wide x 22.3 mm long x 11.1 mm thick.

Condition : A light green patination, with hard encrusting dirt.

Reference : Italian Cast Coinage, Italian Aes Rude, Signatum and the Aes Grave of Sicily, by Italo G. Vecchi, Plate 2 shows a number of similar examples.
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