Roman Pannonia, Zoomorphic fibula of a grazing horse. 2nd century AD.

Ancient Coins - Roman Pannonia, Zoomorphic fibula of a grazing horse.  2nd century AD.
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Description : Fairly well executed figure of a grazing horse, with a large raised pin attachement (pin now missing) and a C shaped lot for the pin to hook into.   These types of brooches (fibula) were made in the Pannonian region, and Hattatt notes that they may have been made by Celtic workmen (Brooches of Antiquity, page 238, #1185).

Size : 35.8 x 21.7 mm.

Material : bronze with a dark green patination.

Age : 2nd century AD

Condition : The main broach has good surfaces, with a very dark green patination, and fairly good style.  The pin is missing, which is normal for this type of brooch (the pins were iron and very rarely survive).  The one significant flaw is that someone attempted to make a new pin for it, and while doing so drilled out the hole where the original pin would have attached, and filed the inside of the C-plate the pin would have hooked into, however this is minor and not visible from the front of the brooch.

Reference : In BROOCHES OF ANTIQUITY, by Richard Hattatt (Oxbow books, Oxford, 1987) and very similar brooch but of a standing Donkey, is illustrated as #1185 on page 239.  On page 236, in a general discussion of this type of brooch, he mentions that for horse brooches it is not unusual to find examples with walking horses, and grazing horses (as this one) and refers to a listing for such brooches as being in Patek, ibid, a book I do not have.

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