Procopius, AD 365 to 366, AE 3

Ancient Coins - Procopius, AD 365 to 366, AE 3
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Procopius, AD 365 to 366, was a relative of Julian II, and as such was the last member of the House of Constantine.

Denomination : AE 3. Mint : Constantinople.

Size : 18.5 x 19.9 mm. Weight : 2.69 grams.

Reference : S-4124

Grade : Fine but a little rough, more so on the obverse.

Obverse : Head of Procopius left, with DN PROCOPIVS P F AVG around.

Reverse : Procopius standing forward with head right, holding a labarum and leaning on a shield, with a CHI-RHO over his shoulder to the right, with REPARATIO FEL TEMP around, with the mint mark CONS below. Part of an officina mark shows to the right of the mint mark, but it could be the top of either an A or a D.

An inexpensive example of a Procopius.

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