Poland. Anonymous Bishopric Coinage. 11th century.

Ancient Coins - Poland.  Anonymous Bishopric Coinage.  11th century.
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Denomination : Silver pfennig

Reference : Gum-37

Size : 21.9 x 22.1 mm. Weight : 1.29 grams.

:  The coin is VF for wear but the obverse is very weakly struck and the coin can only be technically graded VG/VF.  The is also a major flan crack  going almost 50% of the way across the coin, although it is in no danger of breaking (the crack was there the day it was struck).

Obverse : Church with a cross at the top, another inside, and a third below, with a ring of "I"s around it.

Reverse : Short cross in a circle of dots, with a ring of "I"s interspursed with two small crosses and one circle, around it.

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