Pescennius Niger, AD 193-194. Silver denarius

Ancient Coins - Pescennius Niger, AD 193-194. Silver denarius
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Pescennius Niger, AD 193-194

Denomination : Silver denarius. Mint : Antioch.  Date : AD 193 

Reference : RIC-43b, Sear-6111 variety, RSC-56 variety.

Size : 17.0 x 17.8 mm. Weight : 2.12 grams (light but not unusual for Niger)

Grade :  gF but rough.

Obverse : Head of Pescennius Niger right, with IMP CAES C PESCEN NIGER IVST around.

Reverse : Jupiter seated left holding a sceptre and small figure of Victory, with IOVI PRAE ORBIS around (the first part of the inscription is off the flan).

As with many of Nigers coins, this coin was struck from somewhat debased silver and is relatively low weight.  It appears he was short of silver with which to pay is troups, and had to strike to a lower standard than other's in the same period.  The result of this is that most Niger denarii will be slightly rough

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