Pertinax, AD 193. Silver denarius. Alexandria mint.

Ancient Coins - Pertinax, AD 193. Silver denarius. Alexandria mint.
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Denomination : Silver denarius.  Mint : Alexandria (?)

Reference : Sear-6045 variety

Size : 17.0 x 18.0 mm.  Weight : 2.33 grams.

Grade : VF but rough with incomplete inscriptions.

Obverse : Head of Pertinax right, with IMP CAES P HELV PERTIN AVG around (much of the inscription is off the edge or weak).

Reverse : Ops seated left, resting back, and holding corn ears, with OPT DIVIN TR P COS II around (most of the inscription is not ledgible) 

This type is normally assigned to Rome mint, but this specimen is of a style that appears to have been engraved by the celator who cut dies for Alexandrian tetradrachms of Pertinax, Septimius Severus and Julia Domna.  On this basis, denarii struck from dies by this celator have been assigned to the Alexandrian mint.  While it is fairly certain it is the work of that celtor, and the attribution to Alexandrian mint is now commonly accepted, it has not been proven and there are other possible explanations for these coins.

Many of these coins assigned to Alexandria are very underweight (as is this specimen) and have rough metal that suggests a rather base silver alloy.  The actual silver content could be as little as 50 to 60% of that in the Roman mint denarii of Pertinax.  As such, I believe these coins might are the work of an ancient counterfeiter who happened to be an official mint celator at Alexandria, put out of work for long periods when the mint of Alexandrian was not operating during much of the Severan period.

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