Octavian. 32 to 31 BC. Silver denarius. With an early collectors countermark.

Ancient Coins - Octavian. 32 to 31 BC. Silver denarius. With an early collectors countermark.
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Denomination : Silver Denarius.  Mint : Rome.

Date : Issue of 29 BC.

Reference : Sear-1558.  RSC-123.  RIC-267.

Size : 19.0 x 19.6 mm.  Weight : 3.68 grams.

Grade : VF with a fairly modern countermark (as discussed below) in the field.

Obverse : Head of Octavian right.  There is a small crescent shaped banker's mark, one by his chin.

Reverse : Actian arch, surmounted by a statue of Octavian drivng a facing triumphal quadriga, with IMP CAESAR across the architrave of the arch.

There is a number 82 countermarked inside the span of the arch, in such a way as not to interfere with the designs in other side.  Both numerals are in modern western forms that cannot predate the mid 15th century, and the 2 is drawn as a Z which is typical of the later 15th century through to the mid 17th century, generally in the region of Germany and Austria. 

This countermark is mostly likely a collectors mark, from a collector who numbers his coins in this way, which might sound odd today but makes since for 15th to 17th century collections, as we see with the inlayed eagle marks of the late 15th century Gonzaga/Este collection. 

All of my attempts to find any information on what collection this may have come from have failed to turn up anything.  If anyone happens to have any information on this, I would appreciate hearing from them so that I can add that information to my records for this coin.

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