Nemausus. Bronze Dupondius of Agustus and Agrippa.

Ancient Coins - Nemausus. Bronze Dupondius of Agustus and Agrippa.
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Denomination : AE dupondius.

Mint : Nemausus (modern day Nimes in France). 

Date : The exact date of the striking of this issue is uncertain.  Some references say 10 BC to 10 AD, but Sear (Roman Coins and Their values)  makes a case for it having first been issued in 28/29 BC but being struck continuously over the next 30 or 40 years.

Reference : Sear-1730

Size : 24.1 x 24.8 mm. Weight : 12.25 grams.

Grade : gF with adjustment marks in the metal. 

Adjustment marks are file marks on the surfaces that were put on the metal prior to striking and not completely oblitereated during striking.  They may have been put there to adjust the weigth of the flan, but they may be marks from an attempt to smooth the flan which would suggest a possible over striking on an earlier coin.  This is a normal feature of these coin, and visible on both of the specimens illustrated in Roman Coins and Their values (#1730 and 1731).

Obverse : Laurate heads of Augustus right and Agrippa left, with IMP above and DiVI F below.

Reverse : Crocodile right, chained to a palm tree, with a comet above, and COL NEM across.

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