Mysia, Parion. Silver hemidrachm. ca. 480 BC.

Ancient Coins - Mysia, Parion.  Silver hemidrachm.  ca. 480 BC.
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Denomination : Silver hemidrachm. 

Reference : Sear Greek - 3918

Size : 12.2 x 13.7 mm. Weight : 3.29 grams.

Grade : gVF

Obverse : Gorgon head facing, with a protruding toung.

Reverse : Incuse square with a dot in the centre, and divided into a geometric pattern.

There are flow lines consistent with die deteroriation, and some dirt still encrusting the reverse an in the low points of the obverse.  This is a series often struck with dies so worn and deteriorated that the gorgons face is almost indistinguishable, and so this is a reasonable nice example of the type.

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