Menainon in Sicily. After 210 BC. AE tetras.

Ancient Coins - Menainon in Sicily.  After 210 BC.  AE tetras.
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Denomination : AE tetras.   Mint : Menainon.

Date : after 210 BC..

Size : 17.7 x 18.2 mm.  Weight : 4.33 grams.

Reference : SNG COP 384.  Calciati III, 187, 8.  SNG M�nchen 617. Sear-1129 variety (IIII instead of D).

Grade : F/VF with a mid to dark green patina.

Obverse : Draped bust of Demeter right.

Reverse : Crossed torches with MENA NWNI to the sides (the omega has a very strange form), with the denomination mark IIII a the botton between the torches.  The spelling of the city name appears to be incorrect on this variety, with the I at the end instead of between the A and the N.  There are other dies with this variety.

These coins were probably struck just after the Roman conquest of the regions, and some specimans have the denomination mark in the Greek form as a Delta, and others such as this one have it in the Roman numeral form as IIII.

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