Maximianus, AD 286 to 305. Silver Argentius.

Ancient Coins - Maximianus, AD 286 to 305. Silver Argentius.
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Denomination : Silver Argentius.  Mint : Rome.

Size : 19.1 x 20.5 mm.  Weight : 3.83 grams.

Reference : RIC VI 19b, RSC-548e.

Grade : VF/gVF (more due to die wear than coin wear) with lots of lustre remaining.  Very well centered (full ring of dots on both sides), wiht just a few minor green encrustations on the reverse (easily removed if you wanted to, but I prefer not to).

Obverse : Head of Maximianus right, with MAXIMIANVS AVG around.

Reverse : Diocletian, Maximianus, Constantiuus and Galerius, standing in front of a city wall with six turrets, sacrificing at an altar, with VICTORIA SARMAT around, without any mint or control marks.
This type, without mint or control marks, was struck at both Rome and Ticinium, and the attribution of this specimen to Rome is based on the style of the engraving.

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