Mark Antony and Octavian. ca. 37 BC. AE 30 from Thessalonica in Macedonia.

Ancient Coins - Mark Antony and Octavian.  ca. 37 BC.  AE 30 from Thessalonica in Macedonia.
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Denomination : AE 30.  Mint : Thessalonica in Macedonia.

Date : ca. 37 BC.  There is an E to the left of Eleutheria's bust which is probably a date for year 5 in a system used at Thessalonica to the era of Antony in the Triumviral period (See PRC page 297) which would be 37 BC.

Size : 27.5 x 31.0 mm.  Weight : 18.53 grams.

Reference : RPC-1551.

Grade : VF with an attractive mid green patina.  At first glance you get the impression this coin is off center in the reverse, but on closer examination parts of every letter in the inscription is visible, so the centering is actually better than one first thinks and it is only the oval shape to the flan giving this false impression.  The one signficant flaw is a corrossion spot on Eleutheria's head in the hair (as visible on the image).  The flan shows some file striations, but this is normal for the issue and part of their flan manufacturing process.

Obverse : Bust of Eleutheria right, with an E behind the neck, with QESSALONIKEWN ELEUQERIAS around from the lower right to the lower left read anti-clockwise.  All of the letters are present but the first few are weakly struck.  Eleutheria is a reference to the freedom giving to the city following the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC.

Reverse : Nike advancing left holding a wreath and palm branch, with M ANT AUT G KAI AUT around. wreath.

This coin is part of a set of three denomination which togeather suggest these coins were issued in 37 BC on the event of games held to celebrate the 5th anniversay of the cities freedom.

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