Magnia Urbica, AD 283 TO 285. Bronze antoninianus

Ancient Coins - Magnia Urbica, AD 283 TO 285. Bronze antoninianus
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Magnia Urbica is thought to have been the wife of Carinus.

Denomination : Bronze Antoninianus. Mint  : Rome.

Reference : Sear-12431, RIC V (II) page 184, #343.

Size : 22.1 x 24.0  Weight : 3.46 grams.

Grade :  VF with minor scrape marks from the way it was cleaned.  Dark green-brown patination.  In this case, the image looks very slightly better than the coin does in the hand.

Obverse : Bust of Magnia Urbica right, set on a crescent, with MAGN VRBICA AVG around.

Reverse :  Venus standing left, holding a helmet and sceptre, with a shield at her feet and with VENVS VICTRIX around, with KAS below, with a small up turned crescent between the K and the A. 

Magnia Urbicia antoninianii have been appearing on the market much more frequently in recent years, but they are still fairly scarce as this period of Roman coinage goes.  Prices are now about 1/2 of what they were 10 years ago.

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