Licinius I, AD 308-324. Billon Argentius.

Ancient Coins - Licinius I, AD 308-324. Billon Argentius.
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Denomination : Billon Argentius. Mint : Trier, 1st officina

Date : issue of AD 312 to 316.

Size : 17.5 x 18.3 mm.  Weight : 2.43 grams.

Reference : Sear-3792a.

Grade : VF / F for wear, but the metal is rough as is usual on this issue, and there is a fairly significant flan crack.  Silvery grey appearance. 

Obverse : Bust of Licinius  left, holding a thnderbolt and sceptre, with IMP LICINIVS AVG around.

Reverse : Jupiter seated on an eagle standing right, l figure of Victory holding out a wreath, with IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG around, with the mint mark PTR (first officina of Trier) below.   The mint mark is clear, but due to the rough surface the inscription is only clear in fragements.

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