Leo I, AD 457 to 474. Gold solidus.

Ancient Coins - Leo I, AD 457 to 474. Gold solidus.
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Denomination : Gold solidus.  Mint : Constantinople, 6th officina.

Size : 19.5 x 21.0 mm.  Weight : 4.40 grams.

Reference : RIC X, 605 (officina mark Dogma).

Grade : XF / aXF.  There is a small letter "X" scratched into the right field on the obverse with some light rub marks around that area where someone might have attepted to erase the x, and a minor tan color encrustation on the lower left edge of the reverse.

Obverse : Head of Leo 3/4 facing, with DN LEO PER PET P F AVG around.

Reverse : Victory standing left holding a long cross, with a star in the middle right field, with VICTORIA AVGGG around, followed by the officina mark S (the Greek letter Dogma), with CONOB below.

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