Kroton in Bruttium. Silver diobol, 5th century BC.

Ancient Coins - Kroton in Bruttium. Silver diobol, 5th century BC.
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Denomination : Silver diobol.  I have seen these listed a tri-obols many times, but they average 1.3 grams which is more consistent with the weight of a diobol.  Both Sear and Head list them as Diobols.

Mint : Kroton.  Date : probably just prior to 450 BC.

Size : 10.3 x 11.2 mm  Weight : 1.36 grams.

Reference : I have not yet found a reference to this type without any inscription on it, but it is a variation on Sear 468.

Grade : gF

Obverse : Delphic tripod.

Reverse : Pegasus flying left.

Normally this type would have an ethnic for Kroton beside the tripod, and on some a second ethnic below Pegasus.  Neither side of this coin appears to have any ethnic on it, and the coin is well enough struck that if one was on the dies, it should be visible.

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